Frequently asked questions

Q: What kinds of nature are used in our eyewear?

A: Fallen and foraged leaves (such as, wild fig and olive) or reeds are used in our product. The type of nature used depends on the desired effect and design of each frame, with the colour, size and positioning of each frame being unique by nature. We use natural vegetable dyes to add a variety of colours to the eyewear. The application of our natural leaves is done by hand.

Q: Can embedded leaves fade in colour?

A: Yes, as we use real nature, some fading can occur over time. In some isolated cases, leaves can partly “dissolve” in areas where there is ongoing contact between the eyewear and skin and/or hair products containing alcohol. Like a cotton shirt, cotton-based acetate (the material in which the nature is embedded in our eyewear) is porous and appreciates love and care.

Q: Can the acetate eyewear tips be bent?

A: Yes, but please have a professional optometrist dispenser attend to this. Take care as the bending is not a “linear” experience. Apply heat periodically and test the bending at each stage. rather than overheating, which risks cracking the acetate’s natural finish.

Q: Can I buy eyewear directly from Thegreencompany or online?

A: Unfortunately not. We distribute eyewear products solely through select optometrists and distributors. Please consult the “Where to Buy” section on our website to see where you can purchase our eyewear.

 Q: What if the item I bought is defective?

A: Thegreencompany ensures a high quality of the product when delivered. Should it happen that your eyewear has a manufacturing defect, a replacement item will be sent to you via your distributor/optometrist accordingly.

Q: How can I return my frames?
A: All frame returns require a Return Merchandise Authorisation, Inc, from a customer service department, or authorised sales representative. Frames must be returned in their original packaging materials to protect the frames from damage in transit during the shipping process.